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Basilicata Region Agri-food system: promotion and solidarity for #Matera2019

Basilicata Region Agri-food system: promotion and solidarity for Matera 2019

Agriculture and tourism, culture and solidarity.”

“With the widest characterization of #GustoBasilicata and #BereBasilicata (the hashtags used on social networks for Food and Wine from Basilicata Region), all the food and wine excellences of the regional agro-food industry were the main protagonists of the inaugural day of Matera 2019, both in terms of promotion and for a good solidarity initiative. Part of the food prepared for guests, in fact, in the lunch break organized by the Department of Agriculture, was given to poor and needy people refectory “Don Giovanni Mele” of the parish of Piccianello (Matera).”

This was announced by the Regional Councilor for Agricultural and Forestry Policies, Luca Braia.

“Identity and tradition. Resilience and innovation.”

“Our future must start from here – continues Councilor Luca Braia – the 365 days of 2019 have to be fully lived as European Capital of Culture. This will be very important also for the regional agro-food sector development. Finally, our products have conquered their own identity closely related to the territory, for the public and consumers who love them and come to Matera and in all the 131 rural municipalities also for a tasting experience.”

Authorities invited to know Basilicata Region agro-food

“The initiative saw the presence of the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, of the Minister for Cultural Heritage Alberto Bonisoli – continues Councilor Luca Braia – and other representatives of the National Government and also of European Commission. They wanted to honor the Basilicata region after the opening ceremony at Casa Cava, also in the context of the rural village “La Martella”, chosen as the location for the lunch. It is a symbolic place for the history of the city and of agriculture in Basilicata, where the transition from the peasant civilization to the city of the future started. Many people dreamed about it since 1950 and today, with Matera 2019, the dream can become reality. Regional Policy for the agriculture sector has been working for some years, at all levels, to bring our identity and our tradition into the future, with responsibility and awareness. The presence of all 131 mayors of the municipalities of Basilicata is also the demonstration that, together, everything is possible.”

Culture, Agriculture and Tourism: the Basilicata Region System

“Once again with the consolidated formula of the “Basilicata system” – continues Councilor Luca Braia – with a great institutional synergy and collaboration around a common project of promotion of food and territory, the European and national authorities and the over 150 international journalists attendant to opening ceremony had the opportunity to known and taste the peculiar identity of our products. Every event during this year 2019 can and should be the event in which we have to highlight and make known always the best that Basilicata Region has to offer, creating opportunities for development and growth for the agri-food sector in a European perspective.

We wanted, in synergy with the Director of the Tourism Regional Agency Mariano Schiavone, to present through an informational moment and promotional videos for more than 500 guests, the regional agri-food system with the aim of promoting and enhancing our food and wine excellences and the productive peculiarities of the our territory. All the regional PDOs and PGIs and certified productions were represented, also with attention to the fishing industry, supported with European Funds (OP Feamp 2014-2020). Basilicata Region has today 17 certified products for food and wine.”

What we did with authorities and guests

“The President of the Conte Council, wanted to be guided around all the exhibition tables, as well the numerous guests were very interested in knowing and appreciating the details of each dish and taste, listening to the characteristics of our typical regional agricultural products, fish production, wines of #BereBasilicata. They were also very curious for the demonstration activities: production of spun paste cheeses, production of the Bread of Matera PGI and production of the typical handmade pasta. All the recipes and products used for the lunch menu have been inspired by the gastronomic tradition of the various areas of  Basilicata Region.”

Solidarity: at Matera 2019 food is not wasted but shared.

“But culture for us is also synonymous of solidarity – continues Councilor Luca Braia – for this reason we have chosen to share in excess food of Matera 2019 inaugural day celebrations with those people who need it. A 19kg bread of Matera form as well as several kg of bread and “focaccia”, biscuits, marinated salmon trout, octopus salad, bread balls “polpette” of Matera, vegetable salad, swordfish parmigiana, dry pasta, dried broad beans, ricotta cheese and other cheeses, were given for the Sunday and Monday meal at the refectory “Don Giovanni Mele”, sharing the happiness of Matera 2019 celebrations also with the last and often forgotten inhabitants of our city, that for some reason live conditions and situations of social hardship.”

Many thanks to Basilicata Region System for perfect organization

“I want to thank the Department of Agriculture and Forestry and my collaborators – continues Councilor Luca Braia – for having done a perfect coordination and organization work. With the collaboration of 50 chefs of the Italian Chefs Federation (FIC) and Regional Chefs Union, of 17 sommeliers of the Italian Sommelier Association (Ais) of Basilicata Region, with the Tourism Regional Agency and the Regional Wine Producers Board and with the support, for the service, of the students of Matera hotel and food management high school and of the Associations for the protection of the 17 PDO / PGI / DOC / DOCG branded product of Basilicata Region.

We wanted to enlight the excellence of our land, making merit to the work of the Department of Agriculture and of all producers, but also, on this historic day, of the city of Matera and of the whole Basilicata.”

The menu – All agri-food typical products of Basilicata Region

Wine corner:

In the corner of the certified wines of Basilicata, in collaboration with Enoteca Regionale Lucana and the Sommelier of AIS BASILICATA – Italian Sommelier Association the whole system of #BereBasilicata was presented and tasted: Aglianico del Vulture DOC, Aglianico del Vulture DOCG, Grottino di Roccanova DOC, Matera DOC, Terre dell’Alta Val d’Agri DOC.

Cheese Corner: Pecorino di Filiano DOP, Canestrato di Moliterno IGP, Caciocavallo Silano DOP, Caciocavallo Podolico, Ricottina, Stracciatella, Mozzarella.

Bread of Matera PGI corner: several bakery products in the corner dedicated to the including typical Focaccia, Grissini, Tarallini Lucani, Bruschette, Pettole, Pancotto with Bread of Matera PGI and Rape from Metapontino by the Consortium for the Protection of Bread of Matera PGI.

Corner of meats and cured meats from Basilicata Region: Capocollo Lucano, Soppressata, Lucanica di Picerno PGI, Bitter sausage, Prosciutto of black pigs, Cooked ham of black pig, thistle with pezzente sausage and eggs, Cavatellino (dry pasta) with cardoncelli mushrooms, bacon of black pig, pepper and dried tomatoes.

Fish corner: Prawns tartare, fennel and peel orange, marinated salmon trout and sour cream, scalded tuna, tomato datterino and majatic olives of Ferrandina, swordfish Parmigiana, shrimp candy, octopus salad, anchovies stuffed, cuttlefish cappuccino, “cicerchia” legumes and cod, raw and Mediterranean cuttlefish noodles.

Podolica cow corner: Podolico “Impiccato” Caciocavallo made and served at the moment, Spezzatino Lucano (meat) of Podolica.

Vegetarian corner: Fava beans and chicory, fennel purée with PGI Matera bread loaf, reinforced salad with cauliflower, sweet and sour peppers, majatic Ferrandina olives, stewed roman cabbage, mint artichokes, mushrooms in oil, cardoncelli mushrooms, “Crapiata Materana” legumes mix, Senise sweet pepper PGI called “crusco” when fried, Bean Soup of Sarconi PGI, Aubergine di Rotonda DOP, Cardoncelli mushroom tempura, Lagane (handmade pasta) and Beans of Rotonda DOP.

Fruit corner: strawberries, raspberries and citrus fruits from Metapontino area.

Sweets corner: Sighs with icing, Almond Paste, Tiramisù with strawberries and raspberries from Metapontino Area, Marzipan, clouds combined with Lucanian honey, by the Consortium for the Protection and Enhancement of Honey from Basilicata Region.

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Caterina Policaro

Communication manager

Basilicata Region Councilor for Agricultural and Forestry Policies, Luca Braia

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